A romantic village that opens onto the sea, surrounded by incredible granite rocks that draw splendid sculptures, colored by the green of a lush Mediterranean scrub, symbol of a territory.

In this scenario, designed by nature, the Piazzetta of Porto Rafael awaits you with its infinite elegance and unforgettable charm.

Rafael che saluta

It is the beginning of a path that, through splendid scenarios, leads you to dwellings that experience the beauty of a landscape that illuminates the balance of nature with its light and with great harmony.

It is the refuge for those who love and defend all that is nature.

It is the destination for those who want to live a discreet and silent presence.

Rafael con le suore

Porto Rafael is a fairy tale born from a dream of Count Rafael Neville. It is said that he moved from Malaga to Paris to perfect his architecture studies and then, instead, he was won by his passion for dance.

One night he had a vision: a small beach with few fishermen’s houses and extraordinary vegetation, a blue sea with a view that opened onto other wonderful islands.

Porto Rafael

When he woke up he started looking for that enchanting place he had dreamed of.
He left for Nice then for Corsica and finally arrived in Sardinia.

He followed the coast to Maddalena and from there he arrived in a place to say the least fairy. He stopped and exclaimed “this is the place I dreamed of”.

Porto Rafael was born like this!