A program of events where music and culture act as protagonists.

A program that goes from the musical notes that have accompanied some of the most important fashion shows to the compositions that have been the backdrop to particular moments in the life of each of us, to then continue to the immortality of the lyric which, as always, is an expression of a culture that never wears!

Cultural debates, references to the values of nature, will be other moments of listening and of appropriate considerations.

In an “ensemble” of music and culture there is always a reference to a tradition that is the way of thinking of Porto Rafael: the values of nature!

Trofeo Formenton

The sea, sailing, sailing, history, love for beauty: the protagonists of the Mario Formenton Trophy drew attention on the evening held on 2 August 2020.

All consortium members were invited to participate in this unity of intent on the values of the sea, values that must be defended to the bitter end.

The Porto Rafael Consortium and the Mario Formenton Trophy wanted to create a moment of great consortium union and great social sharing: the defense of the environment.